June 16, 2024

Hey friends, if you’ve been following my work, then you probably recognize this pattern. If not, here’s the scoop: when I moved to a new website, some patterns got lost, so I’m posting them again.

I’ve got a fun embroidery pattern for you that’s perfect for using from April to September 2024. I usually share patterns for a whole-year embroidery journal, but I’m trying something different with a half-year version this time. Maybe it’s less intimidating than a year-long project.

An embroidery journal is like a diary in stitches. You transfer the design onto cloth and add your own touch with stitching. You could stitch a little beach ball or a lion, whatever you like or see that month. Some stitchers like to make a color code – like a specific color for a hot day – and stitch a little square in that color.

The idea is to make it unique and personal. Fill it with things that mean something to you.

For my subscribers, this pattern is free! You already know the password. If you’re not a subscriber yet, just pop your email address below to join and you’ll get the password sent to you so you can download this cool pattern.

Here’s the pattern…

If you’re unsure about how the password-protected PDF works, hit me up using the form below.

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