June 16, 2024

When my whole site went “POOF!” I had to have a good cry to let go. Eight years of work suddenly disappearing and a stressful week at work on top of it; a cry was necessary.

Last evening, I prepared a static page for visitors arriving from Pinterest, providing clarity on why they might not find the expected content. Additionally, I have paused the scheduled weekly email from EmailOctopus to prevent confusion since the new pattern disappeared with the shutdown of the previous website.

This evening, I decided to tackle setting up the new 2024 WordPress theme. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet my expectations at all; I’d rate it 0 out of 5 stars. After much consideration, I abandoned it and chose an alternative theme. Although it’s not perfect, it’s a decent placeholder. As a result, the website has undergone a significant transformation, sporting a refreshed design and a brand-new logo—since I was unable to retrieve the old graphics from the other site.

I’m going to try and link EmailOctopus to our new website tonight. If it works, I’ll be able to send you the free pattern I wanted to email you about earlier this morning.

There’s a lot to do to reload all the patterns onto the website, so please be patient while I work on getting everything up and running again.

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